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Making the most of data requires BALANCE:

- What to DO NEXT

This is DATA LEADERSHIP and helping you master it is what WE DO BEST

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Algmin Data Leadership works with businesses of all kinds to solve their data challenges. While we are technically a consulting firm, our emphasis is teaching and coaching organizations to become self-sufficient in their journey to become more data-driven.

If your company doesn't trust its data, or needs some help figuring out what to do next, we're the ones you should call.

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About Us

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Our Values

Algmin Data Leadership is a Values-Based organization.


Our credibility comes from practicing what we preach.


Our conscience can be a surprisingly effective guide.


Our clients trust us to be biased in only one way: what is best for them.


Our best is good enough. Anything less is not.


Our commitments must be more than transactional.


Our people and our clients are everything.


Our continued improvements will not be accidental.


Our representation of truth is as clear as we can make it.


Our world is unpredictable, and rules don't always cover everything.


Our happiness makes it all worthwhile. Let's own it.

Partner Philosophy

We Partner with Our Clients, Period.

Algmin Data Leadership exists to help our clients maximize their value from data. We will not harbor any relationship that might cause us to have a real or perceived bias that could distract us from the needs of our clients:

- We don't partner with our "favorite" software vendors.

- We will work with whomever our clients work with, leveraging any tool or platform vendor that helps our clients maximize data value.

- We will independently build our expertise across many available options and always strive to act in the best interests of our clients.

- If anything isn't right for a client, we must be able to inform them without debate or reservation.

- Algmin Data Leadership DOES partner with training and content providers that offer skills-building opportunities. Building knowledge is a universally worthwhile pursuit that does not conflict with strategic and operational decisions.

We have seen too many consulting organizations lose their way through profit-motivated "partnerships." That will not be us. We promise.

Data Value Promise™

Our Data Value Promise™ is to help you build self-sufficiency with as many data capabilities as possible to maximize Data Value. The world of data is so complex, there will be plenty of ways we might help. But philosophically-speaking, we believe that Data Value is so important to the future success of all businesses that businesses should never turn that over to external consultants. Not even us.

We're here to teach. To advise. To lend a hand with specific challenges once-in-a-while. We want to be your partner in the truest sense of the word. To earn your trust through measured results is the only way we know how to do that.

Our Story

Algmin Data Leadership was founded in 2018 by Anthony J. Algmin, a longtime data management and strategy consultant with the belief that Data Leadership is an essential, yet often missing, piece of organizations' relationship with data. The founding principles were developed from decades of experience helping businesses of all kinds do more with their data.

Not finding any already-established consulting firms fully aligned to his vision, Mr. Algmin set out to build a better kind of consultancy. By creating an organization fundamentally committed to helping clients build data self-sufficiency, Algmin Data Leadership avoids the conflicts-of-interest that  diminish the value provided by competing options. We always look for ways to deliver value that lasts long after our engagement ends. This is our Data Value Promise™ -- a cornerstone of everything we do.

Algmin Data Leadership today is at the forefront of Data Leadership, teaching organizations how to make the most of their data through every mechanism imaginable. Whether reading our book or other writings, taking an in-person or online training class, or inviting Algmin Data Leadership to spend some time with your organization in a consulting engagement - we appreciate that you are here, and want to serve your needs however we can.

Our Approach

How We Do It

Data Leadership 101

Prioritizing Efforts Across Data Capabilities

Maximizing Data Value

Creating the Most Business Impact from Data

Simple Virtuous Cycle™

Measure. Identify Possible Improvements. Improve.

The Data Leadership Framework™

Maximum Performance in Complex Data Environments

The What-to-Do-Next Playbook™

A Force-Ranked Plan of Specific Steps to Move Forward

Data Value Promise™

Enabling Data Self-Sufficiency for All Clients

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