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Data is everywhere in our businesses, and it takes LEADERSHIP to make the most of it!

Technology is just a small part of the story. Data Leadership Lessons brings you the people, stories, and lessons to help you become a Data Leader.

Join us today and become more successful with data.

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Your Electric Vehicle Journey Starts Here at Electric Drives.

While there are plenty of podcasts for “EV enthusiasts,” we’re here to serve people who want to know how to transition to an electric vehicle without making it a new hobby — what we call the “EV reluctant-ist.” Like it or not, the world is moving towards EVs, and with gasoline as expensive as it’s ever been, more and more people every day want to learn what it takes to switch to driving an electric car.

The Electric Drives Guys, Anthony Algmin and Bob Reese, represent polar ends of the EV driver spectrum, and will guide you in your journey. Bob is an outside sales rep, driving his electric car 1,000 miles a week, relying on public charging and a simple outlet when charging at home. Bob has been driving hybrid and full-electric cars for nearly a decade. Anthony drives a 76-mile round-trip commute, rarely charging anywhere but home.

Together, we know what it takes to become an electric vehicle owner – and we are excited to share our journey with you!