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About Us

Algmin Data Leadership provides Data Leadership advocacy through speaking, training, and coaching for individuals and organizations.

Our Mission

Developing data leaders to lead tomorrow's businesses, today.

Our Values


We care. We commit. We run towards the problem. We do our best today so we can light the way for others tomorrow.


For people to trust us next time, we must give them unbiased guidance this time. Data helps.


We think the best outcomes arise when individuals are true to themselves. We support this even when inconvenient.

Our Values-to-Actions Promise

- 1 -
We approach solving your challenges as we would our own.

- 2 -
Our objectivity is not for sale. We never partner with anyone who might compromise it.

- 3 -
Using more of our services may be one option, but it will never be the only option we give.

- 4 -
We adjust to what we learn while avoiding adding costs.

- 5 -
We develop Data Leaders. Whatever it takes, we hold nothing back.

Anthony's Note

After decades of developing data and technology systems, connecting them to business strategies, and seeing these businesses transform for the better, I knew I was on to something important. I captured these insights in my book on Data Leadership, the first book published specifically on the subject.

Though I've had some amazing experiences working in other management consulting firms, I never felt quite at home. Maybe they never fully understood my approach, or maybe the value proposition of Data Leadership advocacy wasn't enticing enough. Regardless, I determined the best way to help people succeed with data would be to create Algmin Data Leadership.

We are an organization built to help individuals and organizations become Data Leaders by becoming self-sufficient with data. Today we are surrounded by businesses that have disrupted industries by being data-driven, and we're also seeing many of yesterday's most amazing businesses falling behind due to their inability to respond quickly in a fast changing marketplace. Business success now requires Data Leadership, and our mission is to help anybody trying to build Data Leadership capabilities in their organization.

To reflect this, our business model is different from traditional management consulting and advisory firms. We focus our energies on coaching, training, and motivating businesses to adapt to this data-driven world. This may mean we never become a big firm, but as long as our clients are able to maximize their Data Value, we'll proudly stand behind the impact we make.

This is how we define our success. However you define your success, we hope you'll invite us to help you achieve it.


Anthony J. Algmin
Algmin Data Leadership