Why Data Leadership

We have so much data we don't know what to do with it!

Data privacy is on the top of everyone's minds!

Regulatory requirements around data are difficult to satisfy!

We're worried about a data breach!

Our competitors are using data to out-maneuver us in the marketplace!

These are all common data challenges, and none of them are going to be solved with a single tool or project. It takes strategy, planning, execution, and improvement. It also takes commitment, time, and a lot of skills. It is difficult, and many organizations fail entirely.

Data Leadership is how we apply our limited energy and resources toward creating business success from data. Algmin Data Leadership is the first organization dedicated to doing just this.


Maximizing Data Value

Data Value is the difference in business outcomes we achieve with data versus what we would achieve without it. These must be measurable across one of these three dimensions:

Revenue        Costs        Risk Management

All Data Value must, by definition, impact the business in one of these ways. If your data activities are not influencing these, they are adding no value. Too often we mistake movement for momentum. Just like the colleague that is always busy but never gets anything done, data activities can cost a lot but deliver very little real value.

Algmin Data Leadership tracks everything we do to Data Value. It's the only way we can justify your investment in us, and it's the only way you'll be successful with data once we're gone. We're quite frankly baffled that all consulting organizations don't do this. It's seems as-if they don't want to be held accountable for the outcomes you receive from their advice. Ah, now we get it.

Simple Virtuous Cycle™

When in doubt, measure something.

Figure out where we are.

Identify ways to improve.

Make improvements.

Measure some more.

It really is that simple. The Simple Virtuous Cycle™ is the easiest and fastest way to start creating Data Value today. Right now. Momentum doesn't start by talking about data. Momentum starts by taking action.

Start small. Get moving in the right direction. Build muscle memory and momentum. Make it bigger and better over time. When we combine this with a sound strategy, a detailed plan, and accountability -- real data success is within reach!

The Data Leadership Framework™

Once things are moving with the Simple Virtuous Cycle™, we need to scale our efforts to meet the complex challenges that data presents in our organizations. The Data Leadership Framework™ is an action-oriented approach to breaking down complexity. With it, we can figure out a plan to address large-scale data needs -- and most importantly, what we need to do next in the journey.

The Data Leadership Framework™ is all about balance. Data Value is created by a collection of different tools and processes coming together in harmony to drive business impacts. Data Leadership optimizes that overall system to create the most Data Value, as efficiently as possible.

The secret is that this can't be some prepackaged consulting solution. Your business is going to have unique challenges, unique needs, and is comprised of folks with unique talents. Sure, there may be some patterns that apply (which is why high-level consulting strategies all tend to look the same, and they are happy to sell them).

The magic is in knowing the answer to this: "If we have x dollars, or x hours, or x people to allocate to getting the most Data Value--what EXACTLY should WE do with those resources?"

The answer can't be generic. Your infrastructure is different. Your security concerns are different. Your regulatory requirements are different. Your people are different. Your technology selections are different. Your resources are different. Where you've invested in the past is different. Your business goals are different. The list goes on and on...

The Data Leadership Framework™ gives us a way to solve for all of it. It is the foundation of our approach to help you maximize Data Value.

The What-to-Do-Next Playbook™

The #1 question we get from clients is "What do we do next?" This seems too simple, but it is actually a byproduct of the traditional management consulting firms that start everything off with a high-level assessment and strategy project that gives you two options:

  1. Hire them for all the follow-on work.
  2. Do not hire them. Try to do it yourself. Fail. Give up. Do another strategy project down the line that repeats the cycle.

We think that's a bad plan. Our What-to-Do-Next Playbook™ solves this by giving you, as part of our Data Value Maximizer™ offerings, very clear instructions of what we think you should do next. This is far from a high-level roadmap--it is a force-ranked set of step-by-step instructions that make solving your data challenges more like putting together furniture from a box. It'll still be hard, no doubt, but at least you'll have clear instructions to get things moving.

And because we want you to be successful no matter what, our larger offerings will give you a resourcing assessment that outlines the pros/cons of various approaches to bridging skills and resource availability gaps! You'll never seen another consulting firm so willing to recommend folks other than themselves. Because our Partner Philosophy keeps us objective, you'll get the very best advice we can give.


Data Value Promise™

Our Data Value Promise™ is to help you build self-sufficiency with as many data capabilities as possible to maximize Data Value. The world of data is so complex, there will be plenty of ways we might help. But philosophically-speaking, we believe that Data Value is so important to the future success of all businesses that businesses should never turn that over to external consultants. Not even us.

We're here to teach. To advise. To lend a hand with specific challenges once-in-a-while. We want to be your partner in the truest sense of the word. To earn your trust through measured results is the only way we know how to do that.