Data Leadership for Everyone

Data Leadership for Everyone: How You Can Harness the True Power of Data at Work” is a book for any person wanting to make the most of data but find themselves getting stuck somewhere. The fact is that data is complicated, and it isn’t obvious what needs to be done to fully realize the value contained within.

This book takes an informative, but lighthearted, approach to a heavy topic. It will help anyone mystified by the complexities of data take a peek behind the curtain and learn what it takes to maximize data value!

From the Back Cover

A revolutionary approach to bringing data and business together

Data is lazy. It sits in files or databases, minding its own business but not accomplishing very much. Data is like someone in their mid-twenties, living with their parents, who won’t get off the couch and make something of their life. Data is also the closest thing we have to truth in our organizations–but most business leaders today struggle using data to make an impact on what really matters: the success of their businesses.

Data Leadership for Everyone is a game-changing book for anyone who believes in the power of data and is ready to create revolutionary change in their organization. Whether you’re a C-suite executive, a manager, or an individual contributor, this book will propel your career by unlocking the mystery of how raw data transforms into real outcomes. In this book, data leadership advocate and transformation coach Anthony J. Algmin reveals his five-step Data Leadership Framework, breaking down the complexity of data systems and empowering you to:

  • Access and prepare data for use
  • Refine data to maximize its potential
  • Use data to find new insights
  • Impact business success with data value
  • Govern and scale data-driven outcomes

Data is the key to the future success of all businesses, and anyone not making the most of data will lose, while those who can use data to drive business value will win. It’s not enough to learn about data–business success requires a special leadership approach to connect data to the people, processes, and technologies unique to your organization. With over 150 specific takeaways, Data Leadership for Everyone is a must-have business leadership book to help you become a better data leader for the twenty-first century and beyond.


Ted Harrington, #1 bestselling author of Hackable, leader of ethical hackers
“If there’s one thing we can all learn from hackers, it’s that you need to continually rethink your assumptions. Just like how hackers do this to improve the security of software systems, Data Leadership for Everyone helps you rethink your approach to data. This book helps demystify how to turn data from a misunderstood liability into a powerful asset. The author keeps the concepts accessible for both leaders and technologists, and everyone in between.”

John Ladley, author
“Sometimes leadership of organizations need to learn new things. The tried-and-true capabilities of managing, planning, budgeting are all covered and imbedded in business leader training–but these topics do not cover the new requirement that organization leaders must manage the data resource with the same intensity as capital, human resources, or inventory. This is what Data Leadership for Everyone is about. It offers a much-needed primer to assist management in engaging with the data resource. Anthony fills a huge gap in what leadership should know, versus what they currently know. Middle managers need to get very cozy with this book.”

Robert S. Seiner, President / Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services
“Anthony Algmin has never pulled any punches. Algmin’s new book, Data Leadership for Everyone, starts with hard facts about what is wrong with Data Leadership today and quickly delves into what should be done to improve the situation. His Data Leadership Framework flawlessly explains a handful of actionable categories broken into pragmatic disciplines that direct you toward improved Data Leadership practices. This book will prepare you to start working and put Data Leadership into action.”

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