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Data is everywhere in our businesses, and it takes LEADERSHIP to make the most of it!

Technology is just a small part of the story. Data Leadership Lessons brings you the people, stories, and lessons to help you become a Data Leader.

Join us today and become more successful with data.

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Ditch Your 9-5 with Rochelle Groh – Episode 86

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This Week’s Guest is Entrepreneurial Coach and Co-Founder of Cutclass, Rochelle Groh

Rochelle is the Co-Founder of Cutclass and Host of The Allergic to Small Talk Podcast. Cutclass is made up of a team of small business coaches that focus on teaching people to ditch their 9-5 to start their own business and how to grow their business through networking.


LinkedIn: Rochelle Groh 

Insta: ItsRoGroh 

TikTok: ItsRoGroh 

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