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Data is everywhere in our businesses, and it takes LEADERSHIP to make the most of it!

Technology is just a small part of the story. Data Leadership Lessons brings you the people, stories, and lessons to help you become a Data Leader.

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A Classic Comic Turned SaaS Entrepreneur Story with Tommy Yionoulis – Episode 97

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This Week’s Guest is Former Comedian and Current SaaS Entrepreneur, Tommy Yionoulis

Tommy has been in the restaurant industry for nearly his entire adult life. He has a BSBA from University of Denver’s Hotel Restaurant school in addition to an MBA.

This former stand-up comic turned SaaS founder, has extensive experience helping businesses become more efficient and profitable through process, accountability, and data. He’s currently the Managing Director of OpsAnalitica, an Operations Analytics platform that focuses on managing and measuring daily team activities for large multi-unit businesses. Tommy believes that the next big technological disruptor event for many businesses is going to be implementing Operations Management software to shape the future of work and beat our competitors through better, more consistent daily operations.

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