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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I really need to get started?

Starting Out - To create a podcast where releasing episodes is as easy as a video call and an email, you need our Podcast Startup Essentials package. This will give you all the core account setup work. The Standard Package adds 10 episodes worth of production assistance and hosting, and the Professional Package adds the design work you'll need to have a top quality production. We also offer a variety of standalone services in our store to custom-fit to exactly what you need.

Boost Your Reach - Guaranteed YouTube Views and Channel Subscribers can be used by anybody with a YouTube show to connect with a wider audience. 

Our hosting and recording studio costs $499 annually, starting 1 year after your first episode is released

Episode production bundles are priced by the episode and do not expire as long as you have active hosting. Podcast Startup Essentials includes a 10 Episode package.

When the time comes, we’ll walk you through it all, but here’s a quick list of what you will need:

- A title for the podcast
- A short description of what the podcast is about, and what general categories it would fit
- 8-12 keywords relevant to your podcast
- A logo for the podcast (which you or our in-house designers can create)
- Intro/outro music (optional but recommended)
- Episode thumbnail masks (optional but recommended)

Once we have the items we need, we can get the podcast up and running within a week. Since it is best to have a couple episodes recorded before going live with the podcast, we can even record your first episode the day you sign up, schedules permitting.

We will contact you via email within one business day, and begin getting things set up. We want to move things forward as quickly as you like, but we also recognize that podcasts are few people’s most urgent priority. Especially if we haven’t already spoken prior to your purchase, we recommend at least one 30-minute video chat to get oriented and address the many questions you’ll likely have.

Schedule any guests, and record your podcast

Send us an email with show notes and a guest headshot (if you are using episode thumbnails)

This is not something we do as a standard service, but we will make special arrangements to attend a conference or a company facility to do in-person recordings. Contact us to explore options and get a quote.

Our offerings are best for individuals and businesses who want professional-grade podcasts without the hassle and time of learning podcast hosting, video production, and all of the little technical gotchas involved in getting the podcast out to an audience.

Algmin Business Media grew out of the countless hours it took us to learn how to create the Data Leadership Lessons podcast, and we realized that 95% of what we learned could be used to make others’ podcasting experience much easier than our own. Now anyone with a microphone, a webcam, and a concept can have their own podcast with the same high production quality.

If you’ve already been producing and distributing your own podcast, or want to have the fine-grained control of doing your own video editing, then you probably are better off with a la carte services from less-expensive options for the ongoing production and hosting. We do have design and marketing services which are appropriate for anyone. Our Podcast Logo Design and Guaranteed YouTube Views options are especially valuable for existing podcasts that need greater reach.

Absolutely! We would love to help you enhance your podcast with professional logo designs and animations. Our marketing services, including guaranteed YouTube Views and Channel Subscribers, can be used by anybody with YouTube videos or a channel to promote -- and we don’t even need access to your account!

We can, but the work involved is at least 80% of the work for video, and we really think video is where you want to be. If you really want us to do audio-only, we can help you, but the limited discount we’d be able to offer will probably have you thinking video is a better option. 

If an audio-only podcast is your dream, we would suggest letting us help you with some design and marketing services, and then learn how to publish an audio-only podcast on your own. Even if you hire us for a bit of hourly consulting to make it easier for you, in the long run it will be much cheaper.

Working with Algmin Business Media is designed to be a complete podcast-as-a-service arrangement, and all of our processes are designed to make that as efficient and high-quality as possible. That said, some companies and even individual clients want to have their show hosted differently than we typically do it. We will happily work with you on a custom plan for your show. Send us an email and we can take it from there.

In our standard arrangements we include:

- A promotional statement and link at the bottom of your show notes

- A small Algmin Business Media logo on your main podcast thumbnail

- A short, post-roll advertisement at the end of your podcast audio recordings

We do offer an option for full whitelisting, removing all Algmin Business Media promotions at a nominal additional cost.

Pre-roll is before your podcast content begins

Mid-roll is a short spot during the podcast

Post-roll is an advertisement following the podcast outro

Do note that YouTube limits embedded advertisements, so you will need to factor that into your marketing and monetization strategy.

Your monetary success is yours to enjoy, whether from YouTube monetization or show sponsors. Any monetization that comes from your content is your business. Our business is helping you get there. The only caveat is a small fee for sponsored content provided separately and requires us to work smoothly into the production.

Everything! There are embeddable players, links, subscribe buttons, etc., to tie into your podcast hosting and YouTube channel. We can work with you or your web developers to get it all set up. Your customers will be amazed! Since the complexity of custom web development is all over the place, contact us to explore and put together a plan.

You can use whatever content you like, and we don’t take any of your advertising revenue. The only thing we charge you for is if you provide separate video files that we need to work into an episode recording. If you are doing host-read advertisements or sponsor messages, we treat it as any of your other creative content.

Always use headphones

A separate microphone or headset is even better

Wired is better than wireless, for microphones and for internet

Be deliberate about lighting! You want your primary light source in front of your face, and generally the brighter lighting, the better.

Don’t worry so much about the background. Your environment can show some personality, and the audience has always seen worse!

Do remember to smile and have fun! Everybody would rather watch a show where the people making it are enjoying themselves.

- Technically speaking, you don’t even need show notes. But we think they are such an important part of podcasting that we treat them as required.
- Show notes should contain a description of your episode as well as links to anything you specifically talk about in the show, and anything else you want to promote.
- We typically create a template where some links and information are shared with every episode, and then some notes are unique to each episode.
- When you've written your show notes for a recorded episode, simply send us an email at shownotes@algmin.com and we'll take it from there!

Transcripts are a text version of the dialog in the episode. They are helpful for search engine optimization, and so we provide automated transcription included with every episode. This is not perfectly accurate, but it gets the job done reasonably well. If you are interested in highest-quality manual transcriptions, contact us and we’ll put together a plan.

We like your ambition! We can certainly support live streaming, and even facilitate call-ins and other advanced features. It would even be possible to host your daily internet radio show, in addition to podcasts! Contact us to discuss your vision and put a plan together.

We want you to be wildly successful, and we are honored to be a part of your journey for as long as it is worthwhile for you. When you are ready to leave the nest, we’re going to support you however we can. After all, how you leave us will be the first thing you think about when someone asks your opinion of whether they should join us.

Yes! Algmin Business Media will produce a single episode before you commit to an entire show. This is an especially great way to test out a concept or co-host situation! Algmin Business Media also has a standalone “Auditions” YouTube channel and podcast feed where we will publish the standalone episode if you like. We also give you the movie and audio files to distribute however you choose.

If you have logos, music, and/or animations you want to use, we can incorporate those to give your standalone video professional quality. We also have default framing templates available to give your pilot a more polished feel.

Yes! We can facilitate password-protected podcasts as well as setting up your YouTube channel to have limited access. There are some audience-size considerations on the podcast audio side, but additional costs are nominal. Contact us for a quote.

We’ve already probably gone too far in covering various options through the store, but the shop will never have complete coverage of every available option. Contact us if you are confused or are struggling to find what you are looking for. We will either be able to help you select the right items or provide you with a custom plan.

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to be heard, but we also believe we have a right to not promote messages we find offensive or dangerous. If after working together we determine we no longer want to be associated with your content for any reason, we will give you a prorated refund and offboard your content in a way you can continue moving forward in your journey independent of ours.

Definitely! Many organizations want to create multiple podcasts reflecting different areas of their business or levels of technical detail. Some corporate clients use the podcast format for internal and external training! Remember, the content can be whatever you want it to be. Contact us to get started on a plan to fit your needs!

We love this work and wish we could do it for free for everybody. Unfortunately, good intentions alone won’t pay the bills. We’ve often been part of organizations where money is tight. We’d love to have a conversation with you to see if we can get creative about getting your content out to people.

We accept credit cards and bank transfers through the online store. If you want to pay by another method, let us know and we will look into it. We typically require up-front payment.

We find that the ones we already list with (Google, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Stitcher) cover 90% of podcast listeners out there, but if you have a special request, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

More questions? Send them our way and we will respond promptly!

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