Data Value Guidebook™

Your Path to Data Success

Watch this for the #1 way to solve your data challenges:

Our 6-Point Process:

Review any documentation and conduct interviews with your key stakeholders. We make observations throughout, evaluating and cataloging them using the Data Leadership Framework.

Compare observations to determine how much they impact your business. Assigning scores helps identify the specific areas where your organization succeeds or struggles most.

Determine the best collection of actions you could take to solve the identified challenges. Though you will not be able to do all of them now, the list stays useful well into the future.

Recommendations may require skills you do not have…yet. We identify those gaps and show how you might bridge them with training, hiring, or external help. Which you choose is always up to you.

This is a customized, step-by-step plan of what you should do next to conquer bad data. It is comprised of an executive-level presentation of key points supported by a comprehensive spreadsheet.

After the Data Value Guidebook™ is done, your world keeps changing. Each Guidebook™ includes your first recalibration workshop, typically 1-2 months after the initial project completes.

With a Data Value Guidebook™ you will learn exactly what to do next in your quest for better data.

We can create a project to fit any organization, team, or budget.

Contact Us with questions or for a Custom Quote.

Data Leadership Training

Maximize Data Value by Teaching Your Team

Solving data problems is complex, and takes skills your team does not have...yet.

We want to teach your team everything we know.

Because in the end, your success will be in their hands, not ours.

Keynote Speaking

Passionate Speakers on Important Topics

Data Leadership is a message everyone in your organization needs to hear!

Whether a sales kick-off, industry conference, or any other company event: we will educate and entertain your audience.

Consider combining with other services to make an even greater impact.

Data Due Diligence

Isn't it Worth a Small Investment to Validate a Big One?

The target says they are on top of their data, but you need to be certain.

We provide a quantified evaluation of data competencies from an M&A perspective.

Since we are outside the transaction, you get an unbiased assessment to ensure a fair deal.

Have confidence in your Merger or Acquisition with a Data Due Diligence.

Data Systems

Start Building Your Future

From building data warehouses to developing microservices in the cloud, we have likely done projects similar to what you need.

Whether you need skills to supplement your team, or an entire solution built-to-spec, we can help.

Our team has leadership experience from real businesses, and know what it takes to support our solutions.

So we build things right. Right by your side.

Data Governance

Strong Planning, Meet Great Execution

Data Governance is how we coordinate people and process to complement technology and data.

Perhaps you have had an audit finding, or need to comply with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA.

Or maybe you've been doing Data Governance for a long time and it just needs a boost.

Data Governance challenges come in many forms, and we can help you with any of them.

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