Data Value Guidebook™

A Step-By-Step Path to Data Success

With a Data Value Guidebook™ you will learn exactly what to do next in your quest for better data.

Lead your organization to better operations and profitability.

Our 6-Point Process gives you the power to finally conquer bad data:

Gather Observations

Learning What Makes Your Business Unique

To begin, our team reviews any documentation you are able to provide, and conducts interviews with your key stakeholders, either remotely or on site. We record observations throughout, and then we evaluate and catalog our findings using the Data Leadership Framework™.

There are many common patterns to data challenges, and we can quickly identify which of these patterns fit your business. This is the easy part, and where others often begin and end. You have specific challenges and needs that do not fit this cookie-cutter approach. As we gather observations, we look out for areas that need a more nuanced understanding.

Impact Scoring

Determine Where Your Balance is Off

Once the individual observations are cataloged, we review all of them to determine how much they are impacting your business, again using the Data Leadership Framework™ categories to organize them.

The Impact Scoring scale:
0 - None
1 - Initial
2 - Sporadic
3 - Reliable
4 - Influential
5 - Impactful

These scores help you quickly understand where your organization has underinvested in specific data capabilities.

Comprehensive Recommendations

Everything You Can Do to Improve

By evaluating the observations and scoring, we develop a list of all good options. There will be more than you can take on, especially right now. But the key to prioritization is to have a view of everything.

This list remains a useful reference even as your current challenges and business circumstances evolve.

Resourcing Analysis

Understand Your Ability to Execute

To make recommendations actionable, we need to make sure you have what you need to perform them.

Where there are gaps, we evaluate them across 3 dimensions:

1 - Training existing personnel
2 - Hiring new people
3 - Using external contractors

We generally recommend using internal resources whenever possible -- but that is your call, not ours. See our Approach page for more information on our philosophies and values.

The Data Value Guidebook™

Finding Your Path of What to Do Next

You know you have data problems.

You need to do something, but it is overwhelming to think about everything you need to do.

So nothing gets done.

Now you still aren't sure what to do, but are confident no copy-and-paste approach will solve it.

If this sounds familiar, then the Data Value Guidebook™ is your answer. Because we take a bespoke approach to creating it, you will get a customized, detailed, clear path forward to conquering bad data.

And because you and your team will be involved throughout its creation, you will be prepared to put it into action.


Keeping Your Data Value Guidebook™ Up-to-Date

Once your Data Value Guidebook™ is complete, your world keeps changing. Tune-Ups are half-day workshops that help you recalibrate to anything new.

The timing of these are flexible to fit your preferences and schedule, but 1-2 months after initial delivery are best for the first one.

Each Data Value Guidebook™ has one or more Tune-Ups included as part of the initial project, and additional Tune-Up packages are available.

There is a Data Value Guidebook™ for every size and budget.

More resources and longer durations create more detailed outcomes.

Please Contact Us with any questions or to receive a Price Quote.

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Pricing is exclusive of travel costs and expenses. As customary, these will be added to client billing without mark-up.
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Due Diligence

Isn't it Worth a Small Investment to Validate a Big One?

The target says they are on top of their data, but you need to be certain.

We provide a quantified evaluation of data competencies from an M&A perspective.

Since we are outside the transaction, you get an unbiased assessment to ensure a fair deal.

Have confidence in your Merger or Acquisition with a Data Due Diligence.


Start Building Your Future

From building data warehouses to developing microservices in the cloud, we have likely done projects similar to what you need.

Whether you need skills to supplement your team, or an entire solution built-to-spec, we can help.

Our team has leadership experience from real businesses, and know what it takes to support our solutions.

So we build things right. Right by your side.


Strong Planning, Meet Great Execution

Data Governance is how we coordinate people and process to complement technology and data.

Perhaps you have had an audit finding, or need to comply with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA.

Or maybe you've been doing Data Governance for a long time and it just needs a boost.

Data Governance challenges come in many forms, and we can help you with any of them.


Bridge the Gaps: Train Your Team

Solving data problems is complex, and takes skills your team does not have...yet.

We've been doing this forever, and we are still constantly learning.

We want to teach your team everything we know.

Because in the end, your success will be in their hands, not ours.

Call Us to learn about our Data Leadership Master Classes.

Corporate and Event Speaking

Passionate Speakers on Important Topics

We love bringing people together around how Data Leadership can transform businesses.

Whether a company meeting, industry conference, or other professional gatherings, we will get your audience energized!

Consider combining with other services for even greater impact -- and discounts!

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