Innovating as an Auditor with Andrell Holloway – Episode 39

Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Innovating as an Auditor with Andrell Holloway - Episode 39

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In this week’s episode, I talk with Andrell Holloway, a friend and colleague I met during my time in the public sector. Andrell is an auditor, former consultant, and one of the most authentic and effective leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. This episode will likely change your perception of auditors’ role in organizational change!

About Andrell Holloway:
Andrell is a highly driven and creative leader with diverse industry experience across publicly traded, private, and public sector entities. Focused on collaborating with management to help ensure robust internal control environments, strengthen governance, and address organizational challenges. Demonstrated ability to develop and lead teams to achieve organization objectives – including developing resilient relationships with management and boards based on capability, confidence, and trust.

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