App Tools for Everyone with Abhishek Nayak – Episode 88

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
App Tools for Everyone with Abhishek Nayak - Episode 88

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This Week’s Guest is Open Source App Tools Entrepreneur, Abhishek Nayak

Serial entrepreneur Abhishek Nayak is a born storyteller. If he believes in something, he won’t hesitate to tell you why—even if that means launching a startup at his own wedding! A longtime entrepreneur himself, he loves to use his expertise to pour into other young business leaders, and as a co-founder and CEO of four different startups, Abhishek is well-versed in what makes a company climb or crumble.

Abhishek began his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with the startup Gharpay, where he realized the importance of internal software to a growing company. At first, the idea of turning internal app-making into a profitable company didn’t hold much interest for him. But after Arpit Mohan, his partner in several entrepreneurial ventures, brought up the idea again, Abhishek began to look into it.

Once Abhishek realized just how much time engineers spend building internal applications, he began to see the viability of Arpit’s idea. So Abhishek and Arpit teamed up with Nikhil Nandagopal to create Appsmith, which puts customizable app tools directly into developers’ hands. This open-source project is now used daily by over 1,000 teams, employs people in eight different countries, and has raised over $10 million in capital. Together, the three co-founders make sure Appsmith continues to tell its story: one where their product is built by engineers, for engineers.

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