Getting Visible by Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples – Episode 69

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Getting Visible by Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples - Episode 69

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Anna is an inspiration in so many ways. She has overcome adversities, and thrived in ways she never predicted. She has become one of the UK’s top podcasters and business coaches, and has built a business around helping others follow in her footsteps. Her wisdom is useful for anyone looking to become more successful paving their own unique path in their careers!

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About Anna Parker-Naples:

Anna Parker-Naples is an Author, Speaker and Coach. Her background as a Hollywood award-winning audio expert has led her to becoming leading podcast launch expert and global business mentor. Bestselling author of ‘Podcast with Impact’ and ‘Get Visible’, Anna helps entrepreneurs to amplify their message and stand out from the crowd. She is a British international award-winning Entrepreneur and host of Top 1% global show Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast. After being told in 2010 to expect she may never walk again, Anna embraced mindset and NLP tools to change her life and achieve success. She now helps others to do the same. Based in the UK, Anna works with high profile entrepreneurs as CEO of The Podcast Agency and provides affordable trainings for early stage business owners in The Podcast Membership.

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