Putting Our Heads in the Clouds with Aran Khanna – Episode 70

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Putting Our Heads in the Clouds with Aran Khanna - Episode 70

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ojVAKC_jR5E

This week our guest is Aran Khanna, who is innovating with machine learning and helping organizations de-risk their cloud strategies. We talk about the changing dynamics of cloud, and explore what organizations should be considering as they make some tough decisions.

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About Aran Khanna:

Aran Khanna believes code-makers can be world-changers, and he’s put that theory to the test more than once. From writing open-source code for the Apache MXNet project to exposing privacy concerns about Facebook’s Messenger app (and subsequently getting fired from his internship there), Aran has created technology that both innovates and questions the tools we use—and how we use them.

Aran likes to say he was born in the cloud: his birthplace is Seattle, he got his first job with Microsoft, and a startup he worked for subsequently, was bought out by Amazon Web Services. While working in the tech sphere, Aran saw firsthand the misalignment between what digital platforms offered for cloud service management and what customers actually needed. Engineers and finance teams wasted precious hours verifying and managing cloud services for their companies despite using third-party sites. With a vision for the application of machine learning to streamline cloud management practices, Aran saw an opportunity and decided to take it.

Teaming up with his brother Nikhil, Aran founded Archera, a company that uses machine learning to help organizations automate & de-risk their cloud strategies. With Archera, Aran hopes to put control back into the hands of developers and business leaders so they can use the resources they need when they need them, without hemorrhaging time and money.

Free demo of Archera for the Data Leadership Lessons audience – https://archera.ai/?modalId=request-demo-podcast

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