Finding a Way in GIS with Ari Isaak – Episode 64

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Finding a Way in GIS with Ari Isaak - Episode 64

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Our guest this week is Ari Isaak. Ari is a GIS consultant and entrepreneur whose company, Evari GIS Consulting, has been involved with some of the largest city street lighting modernization efforts in the United States. Ari shares his wisdom about this lesser-known area of data leadership. Fascinating conversation!

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About Our Guest:

Ari Isaak is the Owner and Director of Operations and Strategy at Evari GIS Consulting. He has over 20 years in the GIS industry. Much of Evari’s work is in providing field audit and data management services to convert street lights from legacy technologies to LED. Evari GIS has been involved in many of the largest street lighting jobs in the US, including Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Oakland Honolulu and many others. Evari GIS has provided services from Hawaii to Cape Cod and Alaska to Miami Beach. Ari bootstrapped Evari GIS after experience working in both the private and public sector.  As the Director of Innovation and Strategy he’s working on 2 primary efforts, EvariPLUS and EvariLUX. EvariPLUS leverages custom vision to streamline the collection of street light data. EvariLUX bring lighting data into a 3D GIS for review and analysis across an entire project. Ari holds a patent for using GIS to calculate the optimum performance of streetlights. Ari lives in San Diego with his wife and 2 girls.

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