Strategy Sprinting with Simon Severino – Episode 71

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Strategy Sprinting with Simon Severino - Episode 71

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Simon Severino is all about moving quickly. He has developed a way to bring together strategy consulting and fast-paced agile iteration. Get ready for a lot of head-nodding during this week’s episode!

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About Simon Severino:

Simon Severino is an Author, CEO of Strategy Sprints and Host of the Strategy Sprints podcast. He has interviewed powerhouse entrepreneurs like Rita McGrath, David Allen, Nir Eyal, Perry Marshall, Verne Harnish, Brian Kurtz and hundreds more on business, productivity and growth. He helps business owners in SaaS and Services run their company more effectively which results in sales that soar. He created the Strategy Sprints™ Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds.

Simon leads a global team of Certified Strategy Sprints™ Coaches that help clients gain market share and work in weekly sprints which results in fast execution. As a member of SVBS (Silicon Valley Blockchain Society) he enables cross-stage capital flows and helps minimize execution risks in technology startups. His team is trusted by Google, Consilience Ventures, Roche, Amgen, AbbVie and hundreds of frontier teams. He is a TEDx speaker, and has appeared on over 500 podcasts. He writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine about scaling digital businesses.

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