Enterprise Architecture, Governance, and Leadership with Dora Boussias – Episode 36

Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Enterprise Architecture, Governance, and Leadership with Dora Boussias - Episode 36

Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8pCYVETVa2I

On this week’s episode, we meet Dora Boussias for an interesting conversation about how Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance, and Data Leadership are all closely related. We address the idea of Enterprise Architecture being a lost art, and why creating business value matters most!

About Dora Boussias:
Dora Boussias is a strategic thought leader, passionate about organizational transformation towards data-driven/data-informed culture, with extensive implementation expertise in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Enterprise/Solution Architecture (EA). She brings high energy and enthusiasm for her work; leading with business context, leverages technology and architecture best practices to drive actionable insights fueled by high quality, relevant and timely data, on solutions that balance strategic direction with pragmatic needs.

Currently and throughout most her career in leadership roles of enterprise-wide reach, Dora has had the opportunity to make an impact with her work at global organizations such as Stryker, GE Capital, and Prudential. Her 20+ year career includes exposure to Financial Services, Healthcare/Medical Technology, and Retail.

Connect with Dora on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doraboussias/

About Data Leadership:
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