Getting Paid to Share Your Data with Jeff Bermant – Episode 38

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Getting Paid to Share Your Data with Jeff Bermant - Episode 38

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On this episode of Data Leadership Lessons, we meet Jeff Bermant. Jeff is a founder helping individuals monetize the data they share with companies. We have an interesting conversation about data monetization and learn about some of the economic dynamics involved.

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About Jeff Bermant:
Jeff believes that since it is your data, you deserve to get paid, and that is why he created Cocoon MyData Rewards™.

For years, browsers and search engines have been collecting your data making billions of dollars selling it. With so many people being left out, I thought we should do something. Cocoon MyData Rewards™ helps users sell their online data easily and anonymously. Now you can decide, whether to cash in on the sale of your anonymized data or keep that data completely private.

Founded in 2008, my company Virtual World Computing has been dedicated to providing a better, trusted browsing experience with superior privacy controls. Now we are changing the Internet once again, this time giving users control over their data with an unprecedented way to monetize that data anonymously. MyData Rewards™ is an industry first, enabling users to cash in on a billion-dollar business of online data monetization.

Our company’s commitment has always been to our users, and we are committed to improve the experience and increase the ability to profit. I’m proud to say, we are a data company who is all about earning money FOR the user, NOT just FROM the user.

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