Open Source Data Movements with Michel Tricot – Episode 42

Data Leadership Lessons
Data Leadership Lessons
Open Source Data Movements with Michel Tricot - Episode 42

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This week we welcome Michel Tricot and explore how open source is helping people move more data with less effort. As a data engineer, Michel is passionate about data pipelines and transformations. As an entrepreneur, Michel is building an organization to address an largely unmet need despite being in a relatively crowded space. If your organization needs to move data (and it does!), you should check out this episode!

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About Michel Tricot:
Michel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Airbyte, the new open-source ELT standard for replicating data from applications, APIs & databases. Michel has been working in data engineering for the past 15 years. As head of integrations and engineering director at Liveramp (NYSE: RAMP), he grew the team responsible for building and scaling the data ingestion and data distribution connectors, syncing 100s TB every day. After only five months, Airbyte raised $5.2M in seed funding from Accel, YCombinator, 8VC, and some high-profile business angels, including the co-founder of Segment, the former GM Cloudera, and the co-founder of Liveramp and Safegraph. 600+ companies have synced data using Airbyte in the first 6 months. 

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