Looking to 2021 with Robert S. Seiner – Episode 28

Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Data Leadership Lessons Podcast
Looking to 2021 with Robert S. Seiner - Episode 28

Watch the video version of this Episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3S0mTxeF04I

In this post-Thanksgiving episode, Bob Seiner returns for a conversation around being thankful, and what we think 2021 might have in store in the world of data. We discuss some of the controversy surrounding Anthony’s recent TDAN article on data catalogs, and as always, we share a few laughs.

For more information about Bob Seiner and Non-Invasive Data Governance:
– The Data Administration Newsletter – https://tdan.com
– KIK Consulting and Educational Services – http://kikconsulting.com/
– Anthony’s TDAN Article on Data Catalogs – https://tdan.com/make-an-impact-the-data-catalog-is-a-1980s-solution-for-2020s-problems/27265

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