Episode Thumbnail and Video Mask Design


Episode Thumbnail Mask Design
Every podcast needs at least one logo, but the best podcasts also have unique thumbnails for each episode. If your podcast is an interview format, we recommend episode thumbnails that include guest names and headshots. Episode titles are also great to add to episode thumbnails.

Our in-house designers will adapt your existing podcast logo into episode thumbnail masks. These can be used to create individual episode thumbnails with a consistent theme. They are designed to be updated with guest headshots, names, and episode titles and topics.

Video Mask Design
If you watch any TV channel with interviews or other nonfiction content, you see frames around the video which include the show name and other branding/aesthetic details. For the most professional appearance, your video podcast should have something similar. Our in-house designers will evolve your podcast logo and/or other branding to produce up to five different masks to use with your video content.


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  • Up to 1 hour of interactive collaboration via video chat or email for each category of Mask Design.
  • Episode Thumbnail Masks include one core design produced in 720p (for YouTube thumbnails) and square files.
  • Video Masks include include one core design with up to 5 angles/scenes for 1080p video production.
  • Additional collaboration time and production of other file formats or derivatives will be done at normal hourly rates.
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