Guaranteed Audio Podcast Downloads


It can be tough to build an audio podcast audience. It can be much harder for a new podcast to gain traction in the marketplace, as there is a lot of competition out there. The tools for finding audio podcasts are much less engaging than YouTube, which is why marketing for YouTube tends to provide a better bang-for-the-buck. But it can be done, and our marketing folks will stand behind theĀ results, not just the effort.

Your podcast will get the audience it deserves!

Term: One-Time Purchase per Channel (can repeat at any time)

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While we can guarantee the downloads, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • How long they will listen, or which specific podcast aggregator they will come from.
  • The demographic makeup of downloads. The audience will typically draw from international audiences. More targeted audiences are possible, but at higher costs.
  • How long it will take. 100 downloads can typically be accomplished within a week or two, and more downloads can extend the time at a similar pace.

And, unfortunately, due to the way podcasts are hosted this offering is only for Algmin Business Leadership-hosted shows.

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