Licensed Music


All professional podcasts should have an intro or outro sequence to start and end each episode. These can be created on your own, but be careful about using anything you have not created from scratch. Not only will this put you in legal jeopardy, but YouTube may block your videos due to unauthorized usage of copyrighted materials.

We will simplify the music selection and licensing process for you. We will collaborate via call or email to understand the type of music you are looking for, and then present a handful of options for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen, we will procure the nonexclusive podcast rights to use the music. We will deliver to you the license and raw music files, and use them in producing each of your episodes.

Term: One-Time Purchase

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Up to 1 hour of interactive collaboration via video chat or email, and includes a nonexclusive music license and raw audio files. Exclusive music licenses may be available at additional cost.

Additional collaboration time and production of other file formats or derivatives will be done at normal hourly rates.

If you choose to provide your own music for podcast production, this purchase is not required.

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