Video Podcast Startup Essentials


Take the Stage! Algmin Business Media will provide you the essentials to get your podcast up and running.

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Professional Package
This is the option to choose if you want a professional-level production with the minimum amount of do-it-yourself effort. Algmin Business Media will design and develop all the materials you need to have a broadcast-ready show. This may be more than what most people would do, but it is what we did to create Data Leadership Lessons, and now we will do it for you!

Additional information for all packages:

  • Standard episodes are 60 minutes or less. Longer episodes are treated as multiple episodes.
  • There is no time limit on Episode Production Bundles, but the show must be actively hosted by Algmin Business Media.
  • All episodes include an Algmin Business Media promotional link in the show notes and a small logo on podcast and episode thumbnails.

Standard Package
This is the option we recommend for people who want to design their own logo and audio/video elements, but prefer we handle all the work around producing and releasing each episode. This is a good option for people who need help, but are on a limited budget.

  • Includes:
    • Everything in the Basic Package
    • 10 Episode Production Bundle ($1,499 value)
      • Live Human Production Assistant to Facilitate Recording Studio Sessions
      • Light Content Editing by Video Production Experts
      • Audio and Video Leveling and Optimization
      • Split-Screen and Camera Angle Changes
      • Separate Audio and Video Files Creation
      • Automated Episode Transcripts
      • Customization of Episode Thumbnails (when applicable)
      • Creation of Episode Landing Page
      • Adding to Channel Landing Page Feed
      • Posting to YouTube
      • Posting to Apple Podcasts
      • Posting to Stitcher
      • Posting to Spotify
      • Posting to Google Podcasts
      • Posting to Amazon Podcasts
  • A $3,498 value!

Basic Package
This is the option we recommend if you want to get your show started, but aren’t ready to commit to a bundle of episodes. It may also be a good option if you plan on handling your own design, recording, and video editing.

  • Includes:


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