Open Source Data Operations with Douwe Maan – Episode 56

Douwe Maan was GitLab’s 10th employee and is now the founder and CEO of Meltano, GitLab’s spin-off data operations platform. His story is fascinating, and his passion for an open source approach to data ops is contagious! Enjoy this great conversation, and please share with your network! Watch this episode on YouTube: Your next...

No Code No Problem with Mike Williams – Episode 43

Watch this episode on YouTube: This week we meet Mike Williams for a conversation about how no-code, low-code, and automation can play an important role in businesses of all sizes. Don’t let the “code” word scare you — this episode is appropriate for anyone trying to make the most of their data with limited resources!...

Getting Paid to Share Your Data with Jeff Bermant – Episode 38

Watch this episode on YouTube: On this episode of Data Leadership Lessons, we meet Jeff Bermant. Jeff is a founder helping individuals monetize the data they share with companies. We have an interesting conversation about data monetization and learn about some of the economic dynamics involved. * Get the Data Leadership Book –

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